Smiths Unparalleled Bullies LLC breeder of Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges
Smiths Unparalleled Bullies LLC breeder of Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges 

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This little pistol was born with a cleft lip. She has been a spit fire since the day she was born. Even though she is smaller than her litter mates due to the fact that we were careful not to be over feeding her while tube feeding her, she does not let her size get in the way!! She has still tried to nurse the entire time. She does manage to get some milk from mom even though it would not be enough to keep her alive it makes her very happy to nurse with all her brothers! She will be up for adoption to the correct family. She should not need any special treatment once she is old enough to eat solid foods she should be fine. Any surgeries would only be cosmetic they would not need to be done for any medical reasons.



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