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"We highly recommend Smiths Beabulls." - Emma & Chance


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Kym Smith

I originally was gonna get a Beabull from Carrie, but ended up with an Old English Bulldog. Brooklyn is 4 months old and is the most awesome puppy. She is so friendly and loves everyone.

Carrie was awesome at keeping me updated with pics on the website. Answered all my questions and made the whole process fun. Thank you for an AMAZING dog!! I plan on getting a sibling next year for


As a first time buyer of an olde English Bulldogee . We had no clue but, Carrie made the process very easy and informative. She is definitely the type of breeder you want to deal with. She is kind, considerate, and compassionate. She always returns calls or emails in a timely manner.


Our little guy Bugsy is awesome. His a character, very smart and was easy to train... bringing him into our home with 2 others has made our pack complete.. And the fact that I was able to meet Bugsy parents Momma(Alexandria) and Daddy ( Ruger) and reading about his grandparents is a plus.. If you are considering buying a puppy you don't have to look any further Smith Beabulls are the BEST...
I highly recommend them.

Jessica Bookwalter

We got our "Lucy" from Carrie and couldn't be happier. Our beabull is the sweetest puppy. Carrie and her family show these pups lots of love and attention and you can see the results! I appreciated
all of the pictures and updates after Lucy was born too. Thank you for what you do!


We recently purchased a beabull puppy from the Smiths. Carrie and her family were amazing to work with. I had a daunting number of questions. Carrie responded quickly, never seemed irritated or frustrated with my endless questions.


On pick up day the weather was terrible. The Smith Family met us at a closer location to pick our pup. They even brought Ruger because my son asked to meet him.The dogs are gorgeous and wonderfully cared for. 


Our puppy had his first vet appointment. He was the star of the office and even had his picture taken for the Animal hospital Facebook page. The vet stated he was in excellent health.


We can’t thank Carrie and the Smith Family enough for our a beautiful new family member.


We just got our puppy on Saturday and he is just perfect. This is me and my husbands first puppy and we are sooo happy we decided to adopt from Carrie.


Carrie was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and was very flexible in that we were able to go out and meet little Griswold when he was 4 wks old! She answered all of our questions and was highly responsive. From week 4 until week 8 of adoption, Carrie posted weekly updates with videos and pictures so we could see how our little guy was doing.


Carrie does a great job caring for the puppies and I'm sure spoils them in some sense:) Griswold has such a docile and sweet disposition and its because Carrie did such a great job with him. I know some day down the line we will be getting another pup and we will without a doubt adopt from Carrie again!


Carrie is an extremely responsible breeder and cares deeply about the wellbeing of the puppies she sells. Your contact with her won't abruptly end after you get your puppy.


My boy Moe is a 12 week old Beabull from Carrie, and is a very happy and healthy puppy! These Beabulls are so loyal and have such great dispositions. They are beautiful (IMO), loving and a very interesting looking mixed breed.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carrie to anyone looking for a great puppy buying experience and a wonderful dog!

Jeannette Ruiz

Carrie is an amazing person and has the cutest puppies ever!! She is a very well trusted person when it comes to your puppy. Carrie is a person that you can fully trust without any doubt. She cares for her puppies so much that you learn to understand your puppy beforehand. I've gained an awesome friend since I've been talking to her. She is always there and is constantly sending updates on your puppies growth. We are going on our second puppy and they are the most lovable pets ever!! Emma & Chance... I highly recommend Smiths Beabulls.

Jennifer C

To be honest, when my husband told me he was putting a deposit down on a Beabull, I was not thrilled. We had dogs growing up but I didn't have any experience with them other than playing. I also was not sure about him finding a breeder on the internet, it made me nervous. Oh how my opinions have changed! We were sent updates and pictures of our pup and any time we emailed Carrie she answered within hours. We were able to meet Beebee's parents and see how they are loved and cared for by the Smith's.


I have bonded with this pup more than I could have imagined. She goes everywhere with us and loves to play and socialize. She can be stubborn and likes to chew things but we have kept her busy with the proper chew toys and lots of walks. Beebee keeps my child active and off of the phone.. she nudges her hand if she isn't getting the proper attention lol.


Love, love, love our pup and couldn't be more thankful for a positive experience with the Smith's.

Shannon Landis

We had a wonderful experience working with Carrie. She sent tons of pictures and videos and answered all of our questions-and I had a lot of questions as this was our first Beabull.


Our Mazey is from the October 21, 2015 Claire and Ruger liter. Mazey is a FANTASTIC dog! We have absolutely fallen in love with the breed. We have three young children and she is so patient and sweet with them.

Everyone who meets her comments about what a great looking dog she is and how wonderful her temperament is. We could not be happier with her!


Carrie does a great job! I highly recommend working with
Smith's Beabull's & Old English will not be disappointed!

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