This is the spay/neuter contract ever buyer signs stating they will have the puppy spayed/neutered

Spay/Neuter Agreement

Puppy’s Application Number:________________ D.O.B: _________ 

Puppy's Name:___________________ Sire x Dam ____________________


     This paper is to act as a receipt and spay/neuter contract. It is to prove that you, the buyer, has paid for said puppy described on this receipt. Permanent ownership of this puppy is contingent upon your compliance with this agreement. Proof of the spay/neuter surgery must be received by the breeder (Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldoggs) within fourteen (14) days after the surgery.
     Most puppies can be spayed/neuter at 4 months old, or when they weigh more than 5 lbs. In the event that the dog's health does not allow this agreement to be honored, Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges must be provided with a statement from your veterinarian that this puppy is not yet in physical or emotional condition for surgery. Based upon the veterinarian's evaluation of this puppy the buyer(YOU) will contact the veterinarian and establish the earliest date that the procedure can be performed. The BUYER will notify the BREEDER (Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges) of this amendment in writing (Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges 528 St Rt 1035 Kittanning, PA 16201) at which time all other conditions of this agreement will apply and be enforced.  It is the responsibility of the BUYER, not the veterinarian, to ensure Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges has received verification that the surgery has been performed. Failure to comply with this agreement by the date below, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of the contract, and BUYER will pay to transport this dog back to Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges and will not be entitled to a refund. 
Buyer must send veterinarian's proof of spay/neuter or invoice
bill with the veterinarian's state license number and his/her signature for
verification to Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges, as soon as the surgery has been completed and must be before the date listed below.



By my signature below, I agree to have this puppy spayed/neutered by no later than 6 months, or 24 weeks on_____/______/_______, and I understand that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this puppy will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. Accidental breeding is considered neglect and the puppy/dog will be returned to the breeder and all puppies born from any breeding, accidental or otherwise, will become the property of Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges. You also agree that should puppy not be spayed/neutered that you will return said puppy back to Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges with no refund for purchase price, or that Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges has the right to seize said puppy back from the buyer.
*Buyer's Initial_______    Seller's Initial's:_______
     Failure to provide to the breeder the proof of spay/neuter of this puppy by 7 months of age, on _____/_____/______, you are also showing agreement to,  that should puppy not be spayed/neutered that you, the buyer, will return said puppy back to Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges and the purchaser will deliver or pay to deliver  the puppy and return it in good health to the breeder and surrender puppy to breeder without financial restitution or compensation of any kind. If not spayed/neutered, before the date above, then the additional penalty due, to breeder, is $2,000.00 additional to the pet price, price of transporting the puppy back to breeder, court costs, and reasonable attorney's fees, from the buyer.                 
*Buyer's Initials_________    Seller's Initial's:________
     Refunds/Returns: If for any reason, the buyer is no longer able to care for the puppy; after he/she has been spayed/neutered, we will be glad to take it back(if we have room) at no charge. There will be no refund.( Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges ALWAYS gets first right of buy back before puppy is 6 months. And we would also like to be notified after 6 months if your rehoming the dog.)   

      In the event that a court of law finds any part of this agreement unenforceable, all remaining provisions not deemed unenforceable will be enforced to the full extent of the law. 
This agreement sets forth the entire agreement between parties.  This agreement may not be changed, altered or amended except in a writing signed by both parties.
*Buyer's Initials ______     Seller's Initial's:________


I, the undersigned buyer have read, understand and agree with all of the terms and conditions set forth in this sales contract and spay/neuter agreement. 

__________________________________________ Buyer (signed)



__________________________________________Buyer (print)


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