I am going to introduce everyone to my little man Chance. Chance was born with a double cleft lip. He had a very ruff go of it the first few weeks of his life and I almost lost him on more than one occasion. Being born with a cleft lip is a challenge like a cleft pallet it does not allow them to be able to nurse because they can not hold a suction and risk of aspiration is very high. So I was up every hour and a half tube feeding this guy. At 4 days old he developed puppy strangles which is an auto immune disease caused by a weakened immune system. After antibiotics and steroids this cleared up some more complications can come along with tube feeding risk for aspiration is still high if you feed to much or they throw up. These types of puppies are quite a bit smaller than their litter mates because the goal is not to overfeed. He is now eating softened puppy food fed to him piece by piece by hand and he can drink on his own with a water bottle. He is making HUGE strides now!! He loves to play and run around he is gaining lots of weight thanks to the puppy food and is now completely free of having to be fed with a tube. I just wanted to share his journey with everyone.


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