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Claire is due to have a litter of puppies around March 5th. At this time I have 5 deposits on her litter. We are not expecting a very big litter so at this time I am holding off on any deposits until the litter is born. If you are interested in a puppy email me if I have any available after the people with deposits have made their picks I can let you know. Once this litter is born and we see what is going on we will start to take deposits on my next litter due to be born around May. Also around May I hope to have a litter of Olde English Puppies!




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Welcome to Smiths Beabulls & Olde English Bulldogges

Beabull Beagle-Bulldog


We seen our first beabull puppy in a local pet store and we instantly fell in love with the look of the breed. We went home and researched the breed and found out they were exactly what we were looking for, Fun, lovable family dogs.


After searching for our first puppy we decided to buy Rose. She is a wonderful dog. Great with our daughter and our other animals. After falling even more in love with the breed I decided to buy a Full Blooded Olde English Bulldogge to breed her with. Rufus has been a great dog also, we love them both and they are part of our family.


With this breed you get the great attributes of the bulldog with the health and heartiness of the beagle and you end up with a perfect breed.


We wanted our babies to be more bulldog than beagle so we bread Rose with Rufus and ended up with puppies that are 7/8 Bulldog and 1/8 Beagle and they have turned out to be adorable!!


Rose is a hybrid 3/4 english bulldog and 1/4 beagle

Claire is a hybrid 3/4 english bulldog an 1/4 beagle

Alexandria is an IOEBA & CKC Registered Olde English Bulldogge

Rufus is an IOEBA & CKC Registered Olde English Bulldogge

Ruger us an IOEBA & CKC Registered Olde English Bulldogge


I have also fallen in love with the Olde English Bulldogge so I have purchased a female. The olde English Bulldogge and the Beabull have similar looks and personalities.


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